Fun Ways To Celebrate “Love Your Pet” Day

My Pomeranians, Pookie and Pepper

Pookie and Pepper Celebrate “Love Your Pet Day”

For many of us, an official “Love Your Pet Day” might seem a little unnecessary. We love our pets every day! But every year on February 20th, Love Your Pet Day serves as a little reminder to give our beloved pets some special attention. Here are a few fun ways to celebrate Love Your Pet Day this year.

1. Try something new! Do you always walk your dog on the same route every day? Do you usually just play fetch in the yard? Try a different activity and shake up your usual routine!

  • Dogs love to smell and explore new places, so try walking along a different route, or maybe take your dog for a hike on a new trail.
  • After your walk, play fetch in the backyard.

2.  Try a DIY pet project. DIY pet projects can be incredibly fun for both you and your pet. You can find all kinds of fun ideas online, and many of them won’t cost you a penny.

3.  Have a playdate. If your dog enjoys the company of other dogs, a playdate is an easy, low-stress way to let your dog burn off energy and get some valuable social time with other dogs.

  • You can often find meet-up groups online of people looking to get together for a dog park play date or group hikes.
  • It’s important to note that not all dogs enjoy the chaotic environment of the dog park. If your otherwise friendly dog can get snappy or uncomfortable at the dog park, opt for a smaller playdate with just one or two dogs.

    This is the food dehydrator I bought.

4,  Make homemade dog treats. Making dog treats at home is another fun project that your dog will definitely love!

  • You can’t go wrong with healthy, homemade treats. I recently purchased a food dehydrator and I’ve had lots of fun making chicken jerky treats, sweet potato treats and even dehydrated some chicken necks.  Pookie and Pepper LOVE them and I know exactly what’s in them.

5.  Love a shelter dog! While loving your own pet is great, loving a shelter dog is a great way to give back in honor of Love Your Pet Day.

  • Shelters always need donations like towels, dog food, and treats. Reach out to your local shelter and see how you can help.


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