Keeping Your Dog Safe on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a night of celebration, new beginnings and parties. But to make sure your 2019 starts on a good note please make sure your dog is happy and


Keep Your Dog Safe on New Year’s Eve

secure at home before you head out to share in the fun. Here in my neighborhood all my neighbors shoot off fireworks all night and my dogs are definitely not big fans. While the fireworks are not overhead they can be clearly heard by me so I imagine they are very loud for the dogs.

So here are a few tips to help your dog get through New Year’s Eve safe and sound.

Dog-friendly NYE tips:

  • Take your dog out for some vigorous exercise during the day, so she is tired and does not have a lot of pent up energy.
  • Before the fireworks and parties begin give your dog her evening meal.  A full tummy also makes her happy and more sleepy!
  • The best place for your dog on a night filled with loud noises from fireworks and parties is indoors in a quiet place. If you must leave your dog outside make sure your yard is completely secure. Based on the number of dogs that end up at local shelters I suggest that this is the one night you make an exception and leave your dog in the relative peace and quiet of your home, even if it is the garage, or bathroom with their bed and some towels.
  • Let your dogs hide if they want to. My dogs often like to get under my bed when feeling anxious.
  • Distract your pet with their favorite toys and games, but don’t reward any anxious behavior by fussing, giving treats or hugging them. Staying happy and in control lets your dog know everything is okay.
  • Leave the television or radio on as it can drown out some of the loud noises.
  • Just to be safe make sure your dog has all its ID tags on just in case it somehow does escape so they can be identified and returned quickly.

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