Let’s celebrate National Walk Your Dog Month

Walking is not only healthy for your dog, but for you too. Not only is it physical activity, but it’s mental stimulation for your dog to smell, see and hear beyond the

National Dog Walking Month

Let’s celebrate National Walk Your Dog Month

limits of your yard. Walking helps preserve her muscle tone and joint movement, and if your pet is overweight or obese, walking can be a great way to shed those extra pounds.

The following tips can help you make a safe walking program for your dog

  • Train your dog to behave on a leash, and seek help to address any behavioral problems.  If you need basic obedience training, I highly recommend the Dog Training Club of St. Petersburg (
  • Begin with short, frequent walks, and take frequent rests as needed.
  • If your pet seems to just want to go back home, try driving to a nearby park or less familiar area for your walks.
  • Remember that walks are also a means for your dog to enjoy his/her environment; allow your dog to take “sniff breaks” within reason. 
  • Build gradually to one or more 15 minutes periods of brisk walking, then allow for cool-down time and recovery.
  • Avoid walks during the hottest parts of the day during warmer weather. Learn the signs of heat stress so you can recognize and address any problems that occur.
  • During warm, sunny weather, avoid hot surfaces such as asphalt that can burn your pet’s feet.
  • Avoid walks during the coldest parts of the day during cold weather, based on your pet’s cold tolerance. Learn to recognize signs of frostbite and hypothermia so you can address any problems that occur.
  • Walk on safe footing to avoid slips, falls or injuries.
  • If your pet shows signs of lameness, difficulty breathing, or seems to tire quickly, consult your veterinarian.
  • Obey leash laws, and always clean up after your dog.

So start off the new year on the right paw and walk your dog.  If you need help walking your dog, give Coddled Critters Professional Pet Services a call at

727-424-5341 and we’ll be glad to walk your dog for you.  

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