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In 1874, South Pasadena was a part of the San Gabriel-Orange Grove Association. In 1875, some members of the association named the area Pasadena, and the people residing in the southern part of Pasadena began referring to themselves as South Pasadenans. On March 2, 1888, South Pasadena was officially incorporated with a population of about 500.  A landmark in South Pasadena is Ted Peter’s Famous Smoked Fish, a no-frills family-owned joint that opened in 1951.

There are some reports of a haunted place in South Pasadena.  These reports say that when Leverock’s restaurant was under construction, a stone altar was found. The altar was believed to be as many as 2,000 years old and used by Timucuan priests. Some say the altar may have brought its old spirits to the restaurant. It can be viewed in a garden near the restaurant’s front door.  However, since the restaurant in South Pasadena is a rehabbed former Ponderosa Steak House, this ghost story must be about the restaurant’s original location in St. Pete Beach, Florida.

The Timucua were an American Indian people who lived in Florida. They were the largest indigenous group in that area.  By 1752 only 26 remained. By the time the United States acquired Florida in 1821, only five or fewer Timucua remained. Unfortunately, hey became extinct as a people.

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Pet Sitter South Pasadena Fl

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