Cats and Small Caged Animal Care

  • For most homes and pets
  • Prices start at $20 per 30 minute visit

Despite what many folks believe, cats do like human contact but they interact and demonstrate their love to us in a different manner. We love the challenge of getting a shy kitty to come out, whether from a distance or up close and personal.

We know cat behavior and understand their body language.  Before entering the door we spray our clothing with a cat calming spray.  We avoid direct eye contact and give her time to come to us instead of us encouraging her to play. We go about our duties of washing food and water bowls and refilling with fresh water and food, scooping the litter box and doing other routine chores.  If your cat hides we will check all her favorite hiding places to get a visual on your cat every day to make sure she is ok. We spend the rest of our time quietly in your home to give your cat an opportunity to check us out.

If your cat gets excited about cat nip and you allow it, we will refresh her favorite toys and leave those out for her to play with after we leave. That gives her the interaction and exercise she needs to keep agile and to have some fun!!

Service includes….

  • Wash food and water bowls
  • Refresh water bowls
  • Prepare fresh food
  • Monitor food intake
  • Scoop litter box
  • Search inside the house for shy cats to have eye contact at every visit
  • Play with kitties who enjoy play time
  • Light brushing for kitties who enjoy being brushed
  • Quiet companionship for kitties who do not want to play or do not enjoy being brushed
  • Oral medication administration

We are experienced in caring for fish and small caged animals such as birds, parrots, rabbits and hedgehogs.  Our service would include feeding and fresh water and cage cleaning.  If your pet likes to have interaction with you, we can also have interaction with them.

Please Note:  We require a minimum of one daily visit for cats and small caged animals