House Check Services

For most homes

Rates start at $20 per visit 

Coddled Critters collecting your mail in St. Petersburg, FL

Coddled Critters offers house check services 7 days a week, 365 days a year. First, we survey the perimeter of your property and inspect the exterior of the house to check the security of your doors, windows and gates.  We make certain your garage door is closed and locked.  We check that all heating, cooling and water systems are working.  We also check to make sure no water is left running or that a leak hasn’t happened.  We also pick up flyers, mail, packages and newspapers.  Trash and recycling taken out and brought up from the curb, along with alternating lights, blinds or curtains to create a lived-in look.  Our goal is to help give you peace of mind along with making sure your home is secure and safe. 

Outdoor garden watering may be arranged.  Call 727.424.5341 to discuss your specific needs.