Tips for Traveling this Holiday with your Dog

Just like how you are expected to be a bit careful while traveling with your kids, it’s the same for your dog. Almost all types of dogs welcome long trips but before

Holiday traveling with your dog

Coddled Critters Pet Services’ Tips for traveling with your dog this holiday

you decide to travel with them, it’s important to understand their personality inside out.

Here are some tips from Coddled Critters Professional Pet Services that you need to consider when going for a holiday trip with your dog.

1.  Vaccination

It’s important to update your dog’s vaccines before you go on a vacation with them. It comes as one of the biggest dog safety tips out there. It especially depends on where you are traveling, whether your pet will come in contact with other animals or not, what kind of environment will be there, etc.

2.  Get a standard pet carrier

Ensure your pet carrier is approved by the airline or railway, whichever route you are opting for. You can just check out the website of the particular airways or railways to figure out their requirements. If not done so, it can create a lot of hassle at the last moment. 

3.  Keeping a feeding schedule

Always make sure that you are feeding your dog at the same time of the day as you would usually do at home. It is one of the best dog safety tips to keep in mind. When they are on their routine then they feel secure.

4.  Look for dog-friendly accommodations

When it comes to dog-friendly hotels do some prior research on the internet. You’ll probably end up having many options. Just because a Marriott in one city allows dogs, it doesn’t mean that all of them out there will do the same.

5.  Microchip

Your dog might get lost while you stroll down unknown streets. Therefore, it’s always smart to have your dog microchipped to avoid missing any chance of a reunion.  A microchip has a unique number which has the pet owner’s information that is being maintained in a national database and can prove to be helpful in bing reunited with your dog.

These tips are worth remembering while you travel with your dog. When you are up for your next vacation with your dog, keep it in mind to remember all of these tips from Coddled Critters Professional Pet Services. You will end up coming back with a lot of unforgettable memories;

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